Meet “PREG-osaurus” – the man who had 15 children by 10 different mothers.


After reading The Sun’s cracking story about the man who has 40 kids with 20 different mothers, it reminded me of a story I worked on when I was at the News of the World back in around 2009.

This cretin called up the newsdesk bragging about how he had 15 kids by 10 different mothers and was keen to tell his story.

However, after I did some digging (and boy did I do some digging) and he realised I had been contacting women who he had never paid child maintenance to, and he might get a knock on the door from the CSA, he suddenly got all shy and threatened us with legal action.

Alas, it never made the paper – not sure why as it is a belter – so I reproduce it below, replacing the names of some of those involved with symbols for legal reasons.




MEET Britain’s most feckless father – dubbed “PREG-osaurus” after siring FIFTEEN children by TEN different mothers.

Jobless jailbird Sam XXX has LIED and CHEATED his way through adult life getting girl after girl pregnant – once knocking up three at the SAME TIME – before going AWOL to avoid paying them a penny.

The forgetful philanderer admitted: “I was probably with two woman at the same time. I can’t remember.”

Yet incredibly, XXX – who also cannot remember the NAMES of his children or even how many he has got – described their MOTHERS as “fucking bastards”.

He laughed: “I can’t remember how old a lot of my kids are or when their birthdays are. I can’t even recite them in the order they were born.

“I’m terrible, aren’t I? I’ve got so many kids, see. Crazy, innit? They don’t get birthday cards – because their mothers are funny with me.”

Last night some of his estranged children and their furious mothers lined up to stick the knife into the 15-stone slob.

His eldest lad said: “I’m 24 and in all that time we’ve never had any money from him for my upbringing. I can’t remember the last time I saw him. It must have been many years ago.”

Rachel XXX – who had three sons with XXX after he targeted her when she was just 15 – added: “He’s never even seen his youngest son. He even cheated on me with other women. I wish I’d never set eyes on him. He’s a rat.”

And pretty Louise XXX – who fell pregnant with their daughter weeks after Rachel and a woman called Donna gave birth to XXX’s kids – said: “Sam is an aggressive bully who preys on young women, getting them pregnant before dumping them.

“I call him Preg-osaurus, which sums him up perfectly because he is a monster who is obsessed with getting women pregnant. He goes through life without a second thought for the consequences and I am glad he has nothing to do with our daughter any more.”

XXX, whose mission to impregnate as many women as possible started when he was just 16, is STILL at it – with current partner Emma.
He got in touch with the News of the World this week to boast: “I’ve just had another one of them recently – he’s two.”

Unsure about how many children Abdul brought the grand total to, XXX went on: “I’ve been quite active, shall we say! I’ve got a few kids, about 17, by seven women.”

However News of the World research has revealed he actually has 15 children by 10 women.

Louise, 33, who was wooed by the serial dad’s lies in a bar as an impressionable 17-year-old, said: “He is such a womaniser that I wouldn’t be surprised if he has more than he makes out or even knows about.

“He never told me he had kids at all until I bumped into Rachel, who was heavily pregnant with their third child, in a club.

“It was only then that the truth started coming out, that he had had several other children before he got with me – and was even having other kids at the same time behind my back.

“Until today I never knew the full extent – but it really doesn’t surprise me one bit.”

Mother after mother we spoke to confirmed XXX – who Louise claims was on the sick when they were together in the early 1990s – had not paid them a penny in child maintenance.

Despite this, the grasping layabout told our reporter: “I’ll talk to you but there’s got to be money upfront. This story’s gonna cause uproar. My girlfriend will leave me. Her family don’t know I’ve got all these kids – but they probably don’t read the News of the World.”

Yet the Child Support Agency might well do – and will be keen to track down XXX to his terraced house in a run-down area of South Wales.

For Rachel – with whom he had three sons – revealed: “He’s never paid me any maintenance. I’ve had the Child Support Agency chasing him for years but they’ve never caught up with him and he’s never paid a penny. He’s never worked and he just seems to sponge off people.”

Davina XXX, who in 2001 had a daughter with XXX, added: “He hasn’t wanted anything to do with out daughter, and she’s nine now.”

XXX admitted being on benefits and having been jailed for stealing £1,000 from a trusting PENSIONER, but insisted: “I haven’t done anything bad. I aint hurt nobody.”

Louise, who has since had a 12-year-old son and is now happy again in a long-term relationship, said this was more evidence that XXX is a deluded FANTASIST.

The blonde law graduate said: “At first he was utterly charming and told me he owned a house – which was a total lie, but I was naive and fell for it. We started going out but it wasn’t long before he started abusing me.

“He was very aggressive and used to fly off the handle at nothing. But I was young and impressionable and too scared to leave – exactly his type. I only plucked up the courage to leave when he went for me when our daughter was in my arms. And I’m so glad I did. He has barely been in touch since and that’s the way I want it to stay.”

Yet XXX has cheekily tried adding his children as friends on Facebook – despite having not seen some of them for more than a DECADE.

Another of his many sons, Lewis, said: “Seven months ago when my father contacted me I accepted him as a friend on my site. He said he loved me because I was his child.

“The last time I saw him was when I was two. I told him, ‘You don’t know me.’ And I told him to get lost – and didn’t want to know him.”

XXX’s maternity mission started back in early 1985 aged just 16 after he met MUM ONE Helen XXX in Cardiff, who gave birth to his first child E**** in November that year. But the relationship didn’t last long and he quickly moved onto the next woman.

The lad said last night of his errant father: “My mum doesn’t want anything to do with him.”

Soon after E***’s birth, XXX followed Kerry XXX to Liverpool – and in April 1987 she became MUM TWO, when XXX’s first daughter was born.

Louise revealed: “Sam didn’t tell me about E*** until after I became pregnant in December 1993 – and that was when the truth slowly started to come out.

“He would say how proud he was to be his dad, but he never seemed genuine about it. By that point I already knew about his three other children with Rachel. But it wasn’t for another couple of years that he told me about Michaela and Lewis.

“He said that Kerry’s family had banned him from seeing their daughter, but never said why. After what I went through with him, I imagine it was because he was treating Kerry poorly.”

XXX’s quest to have as many kids as possible sped up in late 1987 and it’s a wonder how he didn’t get confused – as he impregnated two women with the SAME NAME at almost EXACTLY the same time.

The cheat managed to spread his love across 200 miles between Kerry XXXX in Liverpool, and a new Kerry in Cardiff – who we will refer to as Kerry #2 for legal reasons.

Both women gave birth to sons just 14 days apart in July 1988. Kerry XXX named their lad Leon and the Kerry #2 called hers Jermain.

However Leon was later adopted, taking the surname XXX, and XXX admitted cryptically: “Me and his mum had some problems.”

Meanwhile, Jermaine sadly died of a cot death aged just six months. Around the time of his death, Kerrie #2 fell pregnant again and in October 1989 gave birth to another boy, Kyle.

Louise said: “I had no idea about Jermaine or Kyle until today – Sam kept them completely quiet from me.”

About 17 months later in June 1990 XXX was at it again, this time back in his birthplace – with MUM FOUR, 15-year-old Rachel.

The pair were to have three sons, but Rachel admits the snake regularly CHEATED on her, has NEVER seen Dwaine, and always AVOIDED paying them a single penny. And despite XXX being listed as their father, none of the three lads want him in their lives.

Last night Rachel, who lives in a modern semi with her new partner blasted: “I lived with him for five years. He was charming at first but I eventually realised he was a no-good sponger.

“He’s never been interested in the kids and I’ve moved on with my life and don’t want anything to do with him.”

Rachel’s fury is well justified – considering even before she fell pregnant with Dwaine in March 1993, XXX had got his claws into Lisa XXX, also from South Wales.

He managed to knock her up the previous October – just four months after Rachel’s second son XXX was born – and Lisa became MUM FIVE after giving birth to Lewis in June 1993.

Just before Lewis‘ birth, Rachel – unaware of Lisa’s existence – fell pregnant with Dwaine, who was born in early 1994.

At almost exactly the same time, a woman called Donna became MUM SIX when she gave birth to XXXX’s daughter Natasha. Louise said: “I had no idea about Natasha until today either – and he must have been watching this Donna give birth behind my back at around the same time I fell pregnant with our daughter.

“I know he had other women on the go, but had no idea of the extent of it.”

Louise gave birth to XXX in August 1994 – making her MUM SEVEN. Yet this week XXX shamefully couldn’t even remember his daughter’s name – calling her “Alesha“.

XXX had yet another daughter, Morgan, at the turn of the new Millennium with then 19-year-old Davina – MUM EIGHT.

Yet the wretch still found time in his heavy schedule of siring children to spend six months in jail for robbing £1,000 from an elderly man who had helped him moments earlier.

A court heard how, in 2001, XXX reached into the old man’s pocket and snatched the money he had saved up for a three-piece suite just minutes after the pensioner had given XXX a few quid for a taxi home.

XXX was handed a custodial sentence – but not before getting mum NINE pregnant She was a pretty woman from Cardiff called C****. “I think our son’s name is Jay,” XXX stammered – getting the lad’s surname completely wrong. “I’d have to check later on.”

It appears XXX has decided to settle down – for now, at least – with current squeeze and Mum TEN, Emma. The couple have had two children, one born in September 2003 and the other in December 2007.

But Louise reckons it won’t be long before XXX is on the hunt for mum #11. “The man goes through life ruining the lives of others and not seeming to care,” she scorned.

“He thinks it is all a big joke – he makes babies and just walks away as though nothing has happened. He has done it to so many women, and could quite easily do it to more.

“If he had changed he might be remorseful, not ringing up newspapers bragging and trying to sell his story. I just want to warn women to avoid Sam like the plague – he is bad news.”

As for XXX himself, he sees himself as a future TV star – spending what little money he has travelling the country to be in the audience for reality shows.

“I want to be on TV. I do extra work and go to shows all the time to be an audience member,” he bragged. “I went to Big Brother for the evictions, I go there all the time. I also went to Britain’s Got Talent recently.

“They will probably want me to go on TV after this story, won’t they? On GMTV and all that!”

There’s certainly a place for him on The Jeremy Kyle Show….





By Staff Reporter

BRITAIN was in shock last night after it emerged the Prison Service had managed to prevent some prisoners from walking out.

The public was left stunned when the government incredibly revealed it had somehow kept a few murderers, rapists and violent offenders safely behind bars rather than wandering the streets. 

Spokesman Woodrow Believeit said: “The rumours are true – last night we were able to keep some of Britain’s most dangerous criminals locked up. 

“Though I must add, it wasn’t through anything we actively did – the ones who stayed must have just liked the fact our jails are like holiday camps.”

Cont P94.



It’s difficult to find sympathy for a multi-millionaire footballer paid £250,000-a-week for kicking a ball quite well, but Yaya Toure’s agent Dimitri Seluk tried to do exactly that this week – and failed spectacularly.

Seluk claimed that, when Toure turned 31 a week ago – a momentous milestone by anyone’s reckoning – during the club’s title celebrations as guests of the club’s owner Sheik Mansour, in the St Regis Resort Hotel on Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island, they forgot to celebrate his birthday. (Diddums! When I was at the News of the World, it was barely acknowledged you were even human…)

On Monday night Seluk said: “He is upset. What happened at his birthday means the club don’t care about him. At City, Yaya is no hero. He’s nobody. He will leave if things carry on like this.”

It subsequently emerged Manchester City DID give Toure a cake, though admittedly it was not as big as the one the team received to celebrate the title, and a post on the club’s Facebook page wishing him happy birthday received 250,000-odd ‘likes’ – a record.

So what did Toure want? Back over to Seluk, who said: “Yaya got a cake but when it was Roberto Carlos’s birthday, the president of Anzhi gave him a Bugatti.”

Ohhh, so the sickeningly-rich multi-millionaire got a cake, but actually wanted a Bugatti he could have bought himself instead, right? Wrong.

Seluk went on: “I don’t expect a Bugatti, we only asked that they shook his hand. The owners don’t care about him. It’s really sick.”

Yes, it’s sick. Forget the millions of people dying round the world because they can’t afford to eat. Ignore those displaced by war, or genocide. The real sickness is poor old multi-millionaire Yaya Toure not getting a handshake for his birthday by the Man City owner. It’s sick. SICK, I TELL THEE.

Toure then senisbly tried to calm the storm, tweeting: “Please do not take words that do not come out of MY mouth seriously,” before adding half an hour later, obviously following a phone call to his idiot of an agent: “Everything Dimitri said is true. He speaks for me. I will give an interview after World Cup to explain.”

Seluk then tried to explain the confusion, saying: “We don’t ask for money, we don’t ask for presents, we are only talking about attention. Yaya would be in the club for less money but more attention.”

The pair have a history of tactelessness. Last year Seluk moaned that there was not a single photo of Toure around the Etihad Stadium, and you couldn’t buy a shirt with his name on. Yes, at one of the world’s biggest clubs, a merchandising dream, it’s not possible to buy a shirt with the CAPTAIN’S name on it.

With Seluk clearly chatting a load of old pony, City rightly denied his nonsense, pointing to huge posters of Toure around the stadium and the thousands of replica shirts it sells bearing his ‘great’ name.

Yet Seluk continued: “This is not about money – a pat on the back is more important than anything.”

So Toure would play for City for a pat on the back, correct Dimitri? Wow, what a guy. He’s a regular working class hero, ain’t he? 

This is, of course, more horse-shit from the Man City workhorse. The principal reason Toure signed for City was money. Cash. Moulla. Readies.

Seluk and Toure would have won more respect if they just said he wanted to join Barcelona because between them they could make £300,000-a-week and not be taxed to high heaven.

Alternatively, Toure could have said: “The weather in Manchester is crap, and at 31 I’d quite like to win the Champion’s League – but I am about as likely to do that with City as my agent is to win a prize for diplomacy.”

My Sunday People guest TV column, 25 August 2013

Sunday People-1385242

WHAT do you get if you put several thick, racist nonentities in a room with an ethnic minority celebrity for three weeks?
Answer: An international incident involving political leaders on two continents, effigies of Jade Goody burned on the streets of India and the suspension of Celebrity Big Brother for a year.
I am, of course, referring to the race row during the 2007 series. But since it returned to our screens in 2009, CBB producers have been careful not to risk anything like that happening again.
This series Channel 5 appear to be taking no chances at all…so they’ve dropped the brown person.
But it’s probably for the best that it’s a whites-only house (bear with me) because, in their wisdom, and setting back race-relations several years, they’ve stuck two known racists in instead.
In former football manager Ron Atkinson (last seen on telly describing a player as a “lazy n****r” (NIGGER)) and ex-Corrie Bruce Jones (who has form for racially abusing Asian people) the producers have found two men who make Bernard Manning seem like Malcolm X.
It comes to something when the only black face to be seen is presenting the spin-off show, Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. (For lovely AJ Odudo’s sake, let’s just hope they keep the drink away from Jones after he’s evicted and has to appear on it.)
In reality, CBB is less a celeb-based reality show and more a frantic plea for redemption by fallen household names.
For as well as Racist Ron and Beery Bruce (last seen working in a garage), this year’s line-up also includes former cocaine addict and self-confessed clean-freak Sophie Anderton. (Well, she has always hoovered up everything in front of her.)
And the grasping desperation of Channel 5 chiefs doesn’t end there. Because added to that list are several people with known past mental health issues – Anderton aside, Mario Falcone and Lauren Harries have both previously attempted suicide – raising questions about its duty of care towards contestants.
The low-rent line-up is completed by several minor reality show faces, a faded pop singer, a couple of Yanks most people won’t know and one, Dublin Wives (no, me either) ‘star’ Danielle Marr, that literally nobody has ever heard of – possibly even her own family.
All of which adds up to a sad parade of “look at me” nobody neediness not seen since, well, the last series. In January.
But this is the problem Channel 5 faces after making the show bi-annual – they have long since run out of willing, and decent, celebrities.
This twice-yearly trend will of course continue, as it is the channel’s best rating programme and swells their coffers, so we had best get used to it.
In fact, it may well not matter that the line-up is less famous than an Eldorado reunion, because it is often the mix that makes the show so great.
And if Abs Love from 5ive (“I spent six figures on sex and drugs.” £1,000.01?) conjures up more great lines like he did upon entering the house (“I’m broke and I need somewhere to stay because my Auntie Wendy is putting me up.”) then we could well be in for a cracker.
I’m just hoping there’s a special task that sees Ron and Bruce moved into a room full of free drink and encouraged to get wasted…before a dozen Nation of Islam activists are ushered in for the week. Now THAT would make great telly.
POOR old Paul ‘not very’ Hollywood. One minute you have the world at your feet as star of your own American TV show, and are leaving your loyal wife, reportedly for a younger, more attractive woman.
The next your big US show has been cancelled, everyone thinks you’re a sad old git having a mid-life crisis and you’re back in a tent in a British field with a sweet septuagenarian rating angel food cakes baked by several gay men and some Middle England housewives.
Yes, it’s the return of the Great British Bake Off, a programme so dull that a man struggling to turn an oven on is used as a dramatic device.
And it looks like podgy Paul has been comfort eating since his marriage sunk like one of first week loser Toby’s creations.
Silly old Paul seemed rather sheepish and appeared to have lost his famous acid-tongue as he was described variously by Sue and Mel as ‘A Bear’ and ‘A Size Queen’. (Hint: They are both types of gay men. Google them.)
Perhaps the bashful baker is being punished by GBBO bosses for flouncing off to the States – and forgetting what side his bread was buttered.
AT ITS best television can be more brilliant and powerful than even the cinema.
But anyone who reckons the majority of telly isn’t complete and utter drivel, needs only to hear what Jane McDonald said recently.
The Loose Woman foghorn claimed: “The key to success is what you turn down. I’ve turned down a lot.”
That the programme she did decide to make was ITV’s latest dreadful daytime dirge, Star Treatment, should send a shudder down the spine of TV lovers everywhere.
In what is abysmal excuse for a show, McDonald trawls round the world’s unluckiest supermarket, hauling unsuspecting workers who’ve suffered various life tragedies into her creepily titled ‘Glam Van’ for a makeover.
Because, of course, nothing says glam like a trailer filled with strip-lighting and cheap feather boas dumped in the disabled bay of a Morrison’s car park.
And as if these poor people’s lives weren’t depressing enough having to work every day of their lives, they then face being patronised by McDonald before being made to walk a catwalk looking like something the dog dragged in while their friends and family whoop and clap like seals.
The scheduling, midweek at 12.30pm, is as bad as the show itself – in that it rewards hard-working people for their everyday jobs…but is then watched exclusively by the unemployed.
WITH Bill Roache and Michael Le Vell already suspended on sex charges, and Chris Fountain sacked this week for rapping badly about raping women, Coronation Street’s male actors are becoming rarer than Kirk Sutherland’s brain cells.
You know things are bad at the soap when former crack cocaine user Craig Charles is among those left upholding the show’s moral standards.
The shrinking number of male actors means Chris, whose acting abilities are only slightly better than his rap skills, will be a big loss.
But perhaps the writers should embrace this lack of men and script a storyline about the ever-diminishing male population of Coronation Street. I can just see it now…
Tina McIntyre: “The future of Weatherfield relies on us women procreating with the remaining men on the street.”
Katy Armstong: “Oh dear. Well I guess we’d best get cracking. So who do you fancy? [Looks around an almost empty Rovers] Norris… or Hayley?”
AFTER his fist-happy start to the week, where he repeatedly smacked a man in a restaurant, Gregg Wallace was decidedly less punchy when assessing unbeaten boxing champ Joe Calzaghe’s ropey dishes on Celebrity MasterChef.
“If he is going out first, you are sacking him, because he is a man with a fearsome reputation,” he told fellow judge John Torode. Funny, that!
A TALE of two celebrity-led documentaries this week as the BBC sent Team GB Paralympian Ade Adepitan to Nigeria to investigate the scourge of polio, a matter close to his heart after the disease left him disabled as a baby, and another on ITV featuring Brit Hollywood star Tom Hardy, who went to Africa to uncover the scourge of ivory hunting, an issue it seems he was only told about in the days leading up to filming. And who said ITV was dumbing down?
BBC2 nature series The Burrowers: Animals Underground followed seven orphaned badgers as they try to cope with losing mama and papa badger in a replica set.
I felt for the poor mites. Still, they should feel lucky not to be in the wild as thousands of the TB-riddled creatures are slaughtered by teams of men with guns when the cull starts.
THAT awkward moment you’re watching Blue’s Anthony Costa and Duncan James talking about internet trolls on Newsnight and your tweet flashes up…
*HOMES Under the Hammer this week celebrated 10 years on our screens – a period which has seen property prices recede faster than presenter Martin Roberts’ hairline.
*CHANNEL 4 premiering real-life docu-movie The Imposter. Only slightly less terrifying than Jane McDonald in a hair-piece and garish top handing out style tips.
*THE triumphant return of gritty urban drama Top Boy to Channel 4, which was darker than a Chris Fountain rap lyric.
*DRAGON-loving bore Tara from Dinner Date on Lorraine discussing not having children due to a number of factors. None being that she’s less sexually-alluring than an Annual Tax Return.
*JAMIE Lomas recently returned from Hollywood where he met casting directors from top US shows Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Yet he’s somehow back in the UK, playing yet another EastEnders alcoholic. Don’t call us, Jamie, we’ll call you…
*SKY1’s new wartime comedy series Chickens, starring Simon Bird and Joe Thomas, and Blake Harrison’s Big Bad World on Comedy Central. Life after The Inbetweeners? Somewhere inbetween dreadful and not very good at all.
This week’s award for grafter of the week goes to… the fag-smoking claimant on Benefits Britain who said: “She’s going to send me to work? She can go f**k herself.” Well she certainly won’t be getting a visit from Jane McDonald.

If he is a new father, Liam Gallagher needs to grow up


As former Oasis star Liam Gallagher reportedly digs his heels in over child support payments for his alleged secret lovechild, the lyrics of the band’s hit single Stand By Me will not be lost on the baby’s mother.
New York-based journalist Liza Ghorbani – who is said to have fallen pregnant to the married rock star during an on-off fling which started when she interviewed him in 2010 – has apparently told friends that Gallagher dumped  her after finding out she was up the duff. 
She claims Gallagher “led her on” by suggesting they could have a future together – before cutting all ties when he feared his popstar wife Nicole Appleton might find out. 
Now the singer is said to be refusing to pay maintenance for his seven-month-old daughter Gemma, and obstructing requests by Ghorbani’s lawyers to reveal how much moolah he has. 
For her part, Ghorbani is allegedly seeking £1.3 million. From a man reportedly worth £40 million. 
Yet behind Gallagher’s seeming refusal to cough up, and the now very public legal wrangle, it is easy to forget there is now a tiny baby being brought up without a father. 
And you’d think, given Gallagher’s own miserable upbringing, that he more than most would know how important it is to be a proper dad to Gemma.  
Gallagher, of course, grew up in an impoverished Manchester household blighted by abuse meted out by his own old man, Tommy. 
Although his older brothers Noel and Paul mostly bore the brunt of Tommy’s aggression, Liam has said the violence affected him deeply and inspired him to become an artist.
When Gallagher was 10, his mum Peggy took the boys and moved away from Tommy. 
And although Liam maintained sporadic contact with his dad throughout his teens, he has said that their issues remain unresolved.
Yet in refusing to play a part in little Gemma’s life, if she is actually his daughter, Gallagher is continuing the cycle of poor fathering he himself suffered. 
He may not be using violence and aggression, but in having nothing at all to do with her, some might say he is little better than Tommy.
So if he is proven to be Gemma’s dad, I hope Gallagher manages to see sense, grow up, and end this pathetic charade – breaking the cycle of abuse once and for all, for Gemma’s sake as well as his own.
Though given his previous 41 years on this planet have been characterised by selfish immaturity and petty squabbles, I fear Gemma may have a long wait. 

Ever wondered what it takes for Liam Gallagher to get laid? Not much, apparently…

This is the interview Liam Gallagher gave to Lisa Ghorbani before apparently impregnating her…
A NIGHT OUT WITH LIAM GALLAGHER – What’s an Ex-Frontman to Do?
30 May 2010
The New York Times
SAUNTERING along Central Park West, Liam Gallagher looked as if he’d just stepped off Carnaby Street in London circa 1969. Turned out in a black velvet jacket with an upturned collar, skinny scarf around his neck and hair combed forward all modlike, the former Oasis frontman would have fit in well alongside Brian Jones and Ray Davies in their heyday.


”Not a lot of people look cool these days — like my cool,” said Mr. Gallagher, 37, who turned more than a few heads when sidling up to the bar in the Ritz-Carlton. ”Everybody plays it down, don’t they?”

The Englishman was in New York promoting his clothing line, Pretty Green, which was introduced in Europe last year and in the United States in April. The name was lifted from a song about money by the mod revivalists The Jam because of a lyric that rings true for Mr. Gallagher: ”And they didn’t teach me that in school/It’s something that I learnt on my own.”

”They didn’t teach Liam how to be a rock star,” said Steve Allen, his business partner and longtime friend. When it comes to his clothing line, Mr. Gallagher is the first to admit he is winging it. Pretty Green represents his personal style — parkas, desert boots and paisley scarves — and is popular in England with musicians and soccer players.

”I don’t want just anybody wearing it,” said Mr. Gallagher, who won’t put his name on any item of clothing that he himself would not wear. ”And people go, ‘Oh, beggars can’t be choosers.’ Well, I ain’t a beggar, you know what I mean?” he said.

Nor is he the type who aims to be seen in the front row of fashion shows. He is, as he put it, ”not Victoria Beckham.” Though they are both fixtures in the British press. The implosion of his band Oasis last year racked up quite a few column inches. A sibling squabble backstage in Paris ended with his brother, the guitarist Noel Gallagher, walking out on the band they had started some 18 years earlier, for what he said would be the last time.

”In hindsight it was the best thing that’s ever happened, because we’re free to do whatever we want,” said Liam Gallagher, who still has not spoken to Noel.

He plans to unveil his new band later this year, and for now is enjoying his recent anointing as the Greatest Frontman of All Time by the British rock magazine Q. Is there an up-and-comer on the music scene to whom he is ready to pass the baton? Not yet — if ever, he said. ”They gotta mug me for it.”

Open letter to the AFCB board – please can we have a foreign pre-season friendly?

FAO Bournemouth fans. I wrote this to AFCB board members Eddie Mitchell, Neill Blake, Rob Mitchell and Liz Finney asking for a foreign pre-season friendly.

If you want it to happen, I suggest you send a similar email. They are at

>>Dear the AFCB board,

Congrats on what has been a fantastic season – and what a journey it has been!

I have a suggestion on how we can bridge our journey from last season’s League One triumph into the Championship – with a journey into Europe!

With that in mind, is there any way we could potentially play a friendly or two abroad? I understand Max Demin has links to a German club, perhaps we could play there? Or even a trip to his native Russia? Or, maybe, even a trip to the Far East/South East Asia or even America to get our “brand” known in those areas?

The squad could even combine it with a training week in a warm climate like we did a year or two ago – just with a couple of friendly matches thrown in.

Someone told me this idea was mooted last year, and you do not know how excited that made us.

Imagine hundreds of Bournemouth fans singing and drinking on the main square, and then watching us play in Europe – a hope that, despite our recent success – naturally remains a pipe dream.

It would be brilliant for morale, both for supporters and club staff alike, and would show that we are a club that is going places.

What do you think?

Best wishes,

Tom Latchem<<